Our wholesale food service supplies award-winning restaurants, hotels and the entire food industry

Freshways is the supplier if choice to many restaurants, hotels, caterers, snacks, supermarkets and other role players in the food and beverage industry throughout Mauritius since 2016. We’ve developed a reputation for strong customer service, and we work closely with our clients to develop unique menus and sales stategies that create a point of difference, and in more than a few cases, turn judges’ heads at major events.

We supply a wide range of quality products wholesale – beef, lamb, venison, seafood, chicken and duck. If you need something that is not on our product selections, we can source or probably manufacture the products  for you internally or through our relationships with niche suppliers.

We deliver to any the entire food industry and to traders who can procure our set minimum quantity to qualify as a wholesaler. One-off orders for special occasions such as wedding, birthdays, parties and other mass food preparation events may also benefit from our wholesale prices subject to complying with minimum quantity requirements.

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