Our Vision

Our vision now is to create a modern brand, in-tune with our customers and their busy lives.

A great company knows their products. We’re passionate about quality, providing great value for money and advising you on the best products to make you look like a great chef. We have a team of passionate, highly-skilled craftsmen who understand the word service. Traditional values such as these never go out of fashion.
We know our customers value quality and are conscious about what they consume and budgets. We deliver quality products to selected regions keeping our original, traditional values in our approach. Our aim is to grow and help as many families as we can to enjoy to enjoy safe to consume meals at affordable prices while encouraging healthier lifestyles without compromising on quality.
We will advise you about everything there is to know about our products and can recommend the best cuts for your recipe.


Hygienic and Healthy

There are no compromise when it comes to food safety at Freshways. All our products are sourced from suppliers with the strictest food safety measures from production to consumption.


Easy to Cook

Our range of delicious ready to cook meals are designed to make your life easier by reducing the energy, time, and cooking skills needed to prepare great meals.


Fresh Products

Our fresh products promote better overall health and are packed with real benefits that nourishes your body.


Halal Certified

Shop with the peace of mind you deserve as all our products are sourced from Halal certified producers and suppliers.

Ethical Trading

We believe in doing things right. Our relationship with all stakeholders is based in principle of mutual benefits, strong relationships and long-term growth for all.


We support the notion that we are custodians of our natural resources, and we ask the same of our suppliers.

Food Safety

Freshways Ltd fully recognizes our responsibility to ensure that both our customers and the end consumer are supplied with products that strictly comply with international food safety standards